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Virtual Tour: Colonial Lima
Provided by Ana
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The magical city of Lima in the comfort of your home, with surprises and lots of live music of the time, as well as an exclusive gift to remember this magnificent experience.
English, Spanish
1:30 hour
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Languages: English, Spanish
Duration: 1:30 hour

Lima – Ancient Civilization meets Modern Megalopolis

The capital of Peru, Lima, is a wonderful, excitingly chaotic mix of remarkable history and heritage, rich culture, bohemian spirit, ancient heart and a modern, sophisticated Latina soul.

Free walking tours of Lima, as recommended by freetour.com, are an absolute must do when in the Peruvian capital. Join the local native guides to stroll among the well preserved Colonial facades of the centre, visit the first pre-Incan ruins, Huaca Pucllana, and learn all about Inca mythology, explore the catacombs, see the 16th Century built Iglesia de Santo Domingo, La Catedral de Lima and much, much more. Stroll in Parque Del Amor and enjoy breath-taking views of La Costa Verde, the picturesque green coast as well as the sublime cliffs along the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy free tastings of Peruvian chocolate & aguaymanto jam & Pisco brandy and get genuine, honest hints and recommendations from real authentic locals to embrace everything Lima has to offer.
And there's plenty more to see an do in Lima after your free walking tour. Visit the Museo de la Nación to trace the fascinating history of ancient civilizations here, marvel at the beautiful pre-Columbian art displayed in Museo Larco, feast upon the delights of Lima's remarkable gastronomic legacy and delve into the diverse and exciting vibrant nightlife. Do yourself a favour and fall in love with this exceptional place.

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