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How does Freetour.com work?

Welcome to Freetour.com, the leading booking site for budget and free tours worldwide! We offer tours in 120+ countries on our platform. Here you can find some information about our site and if you have any questions you can easily contact us.

How do free tours work?

You are free to decide what the tour is worth, and contribute what you consider to be a fair amount to the guide at the end of the tour. This means there is no risk of over-paying or feeling like you didn’t get your money’s worth. Top-quality tours, on fair terms!

How much should I donate to the guide for a free tour?

This is entirely up to you. We recommend that you consider a few factors, such as; what a conventional paid tour would have cost you, your evaluation of the guide and their style, the quality of the content and information, if the tour lived up to or surpassed your expectations, how much you enjoyed the experience and, of course, your budget.

What's the difference between Confirmed & guaranteed booking and Confirmed booking?

As free tour providers may have a maximum capacity for tours, where available a confirmed & guaranteed booking means the provider holds a guaranteed spot for you on the tour. A confirmed booking, while registered with the provider, does not guarantee your place on the tour in the unlikely event that the provider reaches their capacity for the tour. Furthermore, a confirmed & guaranteed booking allows you to rate and review the tour following completion.

Why is there an option to add my credit card if I'm booking a free tour?

A ‘confirmed & guaranteed’ booking can only be made using a valid credit card. There is no charge or booking fee applied, but as the provider is holding a guaranteed place for you on the tour, if you fail to arrive without having cancelled your booking according to the provider’s stated cancellation policy, you may be charged a non-arrival fee of €2 per person. ‘Confirmed & guaranteed’ bookings also serve to ensure the validity of tour ratings and reviews as only these customers can contribute a rating & review, eliminating potential false bookings and fake reviews. Some providers only accept bookings verified with credit card. In all cases, your card details are never shared with the tour provider and are handled using the highest industry-standard secure SSL technology.

What's the difference between Standard flexible booking and Standard booking?

When booking a paid tour or activity, a Standard flexible booking, where available, means that your deposit / amount paid at the point of booking can be refunded or transferred to another Standard flexible booking. Standard flexible booking incurs a €1 fee per person, which is non-refundable. A Standard booking does not allow for refund or transfer of deposit / amount paid at the point of booking.

The provider cancelled my paid tour, can I get my deposit back?

Yes, if the provider cancels the tour you are entitled to get your deposit back. Just email us on [email protected] with your booking reference number.

How can I change the tour day (after booking)?

You can either contact the tour provider directly to rearrange your booking (recommended), or you can ask us to re-arrange with the provider on your behalf. The contact for your tour provider is included in your booking confirmation email. You can contact us by email on [email protected]. Please note, it is not recommended to cancel your booking should you wish to change the date. Cancellations should only be made when you will not attend a tour.

How can I cancel a free tour I’ve booked?

Cancellations can only be made via the dedicated cancellation link in your booking confirmation email. We cannot accept cancellations made via email or made directly with the tour provider.

How can I cancel a paid tour I’ve booked?

Cancellations can only be made via the dedicated cancellation link in your booking confirmation email. We cannot accept cancellations made via email or made directly with the tour provider.

How do I find the meeting point?

Your booking confirmation email, and the tour provider’s profile, will include detailed directions to their meeting point. Your booking confirmation will also include a link to the location on Google maps. If you have difficulty finding the meeting point, we recommend that you contact the provider. The contact for your tour provider is included in your booking confirmation email. We recommend being at the meeting point at least 10 minutes before the scheduled tour start time.

How many tours can I book at once?

Currently you can book as many places on a tour as the provider allows. You can book one free tour ‘confirmed booking’ in a 24 hour period and if you want to book more free tours in the same period, you will be required to book using a credit card. You can book as many free tour ‘confirmed & guaranteed’ bookings in 24 hours as you like. You can book as many paid tours in 24 hours as you like.

Why I can't book a second free tour ‘confirmed booking’ within 24 hours without adding credit card?

This is to deter the potential abuse of the platform through false bookings and fake reviews.

I'm trying to book a free tour for a group of people. Why is there a fee applied?

Some providers accept bookings for a maximum amount of people. If your group is in excess of this amount, they consider it a group booking for which they apply a fee to facilitate. While this does not indicate that you are booking a private group tour, the provider accepts the booking for your group to attend the tour.

I didn’t receive a booking confirmation email, what do I do?

When you complete a booking, you see a booking summary and thank you page when the booking is successfully processed. You should also receive a booking confirmation email to the e-mail address provided when booking. If you do not receive a confirmation email shortly after completing the booking, please check your spam folder. If it has not been received, please email [email protected] from the same email address and specify the name you booked under, the specific tour you booked, the date you booked for, and for how many people. A member of our customer support team will respond soon.

Where does the tour / activity finish?

Details about the tour, such as the duration, end point, etc., is usually mentioned on the tour profile page but if you have any questions relating to your booked tour you can contact the provider directly to ask. The contact of the tour provider is included in your booking confirmation email.

Can I contact the tour provider before I make a booking?

If you need to know something about the tour which isn’t already specified on the tour profile page before you book, you can email [email protected] with any questions which we will seek to answer for you directly with the provider. If you have any questions relating to your booked tour, you can contact the provider directly to ask. The contact of the tour provider is included in your booking confirmation email.

Are guides licensed?

Some regions require that tour guides hold a valid tour-guiding license. As a platform, it is beyond our remit to enforce local authorities’ regulations in specific jurisdictions and in such regions you should always check with the activity provider that they hold the required qualification if their service is considered to be subject to such regulations.
In all cases, those registering their services on the platform undergo a moderation process to ensure they’re of a high quality and standard. Furthermore, all providers are subject to the ratings & reviews system powered entirely by the community of verified users who have attended and experienced the activities.

How can I rate & review a tour?

Only users who have attended a tour or activity, whether it be a paid or a free tour / activity, can rate and review it. For free tours, this applies to those with a 'confirmed & guaranteed' booking only. Soon after your tour, you will receive a follow-up email which contains a link to where you can submit your review and rating. Your rating will be a factor in influencing the tour's quality-score and ranking on the platform and may be published on the tour profile. Reviews are subject to moderation, review guidelines & policies. Reviews may also be used for promotional and advertising purposes.

I have a question not on the list

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for here, please feel free to email us on [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you. We’ll respond very soon. Thank you.

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