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Giza Pyramids and The Sphinx Free Walking Tour

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Duration: 2:30
Provided by Sherif Abd Elhameed
English  |  8:00 AM
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Overview of the tour in Cairo

On this tour about the pyramids, you will be taken back to Ancient Egypt. Even though they are considered as part of Giza, the pyramids are an absolute must do in Cairo.

You will first visit the Great Pyramids Of Giza - Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinos. Then you will visit the Valley Temple, the place where the Priests mummified the dead body of King Chephren, owner of the second pyramid at Giza plateau.

You will be able to have a close look at the Sphinx, the legendary guardian that stands by the huge funeral complex with its lion body and the head of king Chephren.

I will make sure that you will take the best photos of your tour in Giza Pyramids.

Please note that

- The tour excludes the entrance fees to the Giza pyramids area.

This activity includes:

  • Expert Tour Guide
  • Bottle of water

Traveler Reviews about Giza Pyramids and The Sphinx Free Walking Tour

9.9 (Reviews: 35)
  • “Top Guide, Top Pics and Top Informations”
    Reviewed on November 22, 2022
    My girlfriend and I were lucky to experience the wonderful pyramids of gizeh togethere with Sherif. He was one of the best guides I ever had and I can recommend him to everyone who wants to be part of a fun & informative tour. With... read more
  • “Sheriff pyramids free tour”
    Reviewed on November 18, 2022
    Sheriff rocks! I am not used to do these type of reviews but Sheriff deserves it. The tour was an 11 over 10. Sheriff is not only funny and trustful, he also has a full manage of the pyramids history. Moreover he is a talented... read more
  • “Sphinx and Pyramids review”
    Reviewed on November 14, 2022
    Sherif was an excellent guide.
    He was knowledgeable, spoke fantastic English and was very humorous!
    We could not recommend this tour enough!
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Meeting point

At Giza Pyramids Ticket office, front of KFC restaurant

On arrival

At Giza Pyramids Ticket office, front of KFC restaurant in Abou Al Hool Al Seiahi at Nazlet Samman area.

Things to note

Please note that

- The tour excludes the entrance fees to Giza pyramids area.
- The entrance fees ticket of Giza pyramids area cost 200 EGP (accept only Egyptian currency)
- The entrance fees ticket of entry the great pyramid cost 400 EGP (accept only Egyptian currency)
- Camel ride for 30min cost 10 USD or 160 EGP per person
- Free walk is a pay-what-you want walking tour, which means, it's completely free to book and join the group, but the 'guide' expects to be rewarded once the tour ends. Some people give €20, some people give US‎$ 50, you choose the price.

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English  |  8:00 AM
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