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Secrets of the Oldest Beijing Hutongs (Outdoor Virtual Experience)
Provided by Roy Li
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You'll go deep into the oldest part of my city and get an insight into ordinary Beijingers' lifestyles, every house here has a joint wall with others, making it easy for residents to keep in touch with each other.
1:00 hour
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Languages: English
Duration: 1:00 hour

Beijing – Ancient, new, intriguing & utterly captivating

Sprawling over more than sixteen thousand square kilometres and spanning millennia of dramatic history, Beijing, the huge capital of China, is vast in both size and ancient imperial heritage. There’s so much to see & do that really the best way to get under the skin of Beijing and experience the most from your time here is with an authentic local tour guide as recommended by Freetour.com.

Beijing is a truly exciting city of contrasts, a wonderful mix of modern architecture and ancient sites as well as being a pulsating epicentre of culture, hip buzz and youthful life, while also offering serene oases of peace and reverence in gardens & temples. Boasting numerous renowned UNESCO world heritage sites, Beijing is a veritable treasure-chest of history, culture & heritage gracefully scattered across an incredible city. The Imperial Palace, The Forbidden City, the notorious Tiananmen Square and, of course, the Great Wall, are but a few of the sites and sights that one must experience when visiting here.

As enticing as the historic must-sees, is the delicious local cuisine – food inspiration from all over China is embraced here by local Beijingers and you can indulge in the culinary delights too, as well as visiting Pandas, learning the art of Kung Fu or Tai Chi, trying your hand at Chinese calligraphy, exploring the Temple of Heaven and even experiencing Chinese Opera, all with Freetour.com local guides.

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